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what a blassssfulll day (!) :)
Friday, December 3, 2010 | 8:47 PM | 1 Message

auwww <3 sory all this is the only pic that i can save . yeeepaa (!) hokhak . 1 dis 2010 this day , i have a very very very very great day wif all my beloved friends . haha.
betul tak bi ? entam jer lah . ckp mlayu lagi sng kn ? :D
then then then , i meet my twiny .
oke ni lah dye , aw aw aw , sme ak muka ? haha.
tak same ker ? =='
iyelah dye lagi cntik . <3
mia mia mia mia mia mia mia mia <3
thats her name , hoho.
sweet kn dye , geram geram geram :D
pastu pastu pastu.
i saw this cute girl named irsalina <3
to to beside my twinny , yg comel lote yg tecik tecik to.
cute gila kn ? gerammmmmmmmmmmm :D
hoho , iloveyou auwww <3
even kejap jer jmpe but but but , best :P

p/s : tengs for make me fell great <3 

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