Sweet Crunchy
Saturday, February 26, 2011 | 4:33 AM | 0 Message
if you need to talk,
i'll listen.
if you need to cry,
i'll hold you.
if you feel lost,
i'll help guide you.
if you need to be angry,
i'll let you.
if you're feeling afraid,
i'll comfort you.
if you're feeling attacked,
i'll be your defence.
if you need to lean a while,
i'll give you a shoulder.
if you're unsure,
i'll be your confidence.
if you're feeling alone,
i'll be the friend who won't leave you.
if you need to learn to trust again,
i'll prove to you that you can ;)

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Hello stalker. I'm Aimie / 18 / JB. I'm TAKEN and i love my BABY EDDAFI


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